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Ergonomic and substantive aspects

Banking and financial sector requires the highest technological competence and the best programming tools. When working for this sector of the economy, you have to maintain the highest level of security. Moreover, you must also respect a number of rules resulting from the regulations. Talex not only answers these requirements but also provides experience and substantial expertise of its workers.

This approach delivers the best outcomes. On special requests of banks and financial institutions we have developed a number of solutions to facilitate the work in these institutions. We are the authors of, among others, the system for the analysis and automation of the process of providing more than 2.5 thousand loans daily, management system of more than 200 projects carried out in parallel, or advanced rating system.

We provide comprehensive, multi-level solutions:

  • We conduct an effective analysis of requirements in both the technological and substantive
  • We advise on the optimization of business processes
  • We create systems with a wide range programming tools
  • Ergonomics next to the essence of information are the main features of the applications developed by our comapany
  • We choose the system environment that corresponds to your business strategy, based on any operating system
  • We carry out projects involving the use of different databases
  • We build hardware infrastructure based on optimally selected items from leading, global manufacturers
  • We implement and configure virtual servers environment, data storage and tape libraries


We develop solutions for a specified group of customers from financial sector. We are proud of many successful original projects that are fully customized to our Clients' requirements and needs, including inter alia:

01. Taltax

  • a complete, fully functional platform to generate a Unified Control File (UCF) in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Finance
  • powerful and scalable solution - fast processing of large amounts of financial data without the burden on source systems and ERP systems
  • simple graphic interface - the process of UCF generation does not require specialist programming skills
  • modular platform – easy adjustment of the solution to the new requirements introduced by the Ministry of Finance
  • engine of file generation and systems integration – a provision of the platform with data from any data source and their subsequent aggregation into a common format
  • on-premise installation at the Client, making the company’s sensitive data does not leave the company’s network

02. HDRS - Hybrid Decision and Rating System

A solution that combines the functionality of a classic decision engine with a technology that uses machine learning results. The system enables building arbitrarily complex decision strategies being a compilation of rules defined by analysts, with machine algorithms (e.g. decision trees, random forests, neural networks) obtained by analysis of historical data sets.

Decision strategies can be made available both as services and as part of the data transformation processes implemented within the engine. In the latter case, the strategy call is executed using a native protocol, thus ensuring maximum processing efficiency. Therefore, HDRS is a comprehensive solution that allows not only making decisions, but also implementing the entire business process, including data acquisition and integration with external systems and data sources.

Other key functionalities of HDRS:

  • A graphical tool for defining decision strategies, data transformation and extraction processes, and services.
  • Clear language for defining business rules and scripting language
  • A possible extension of HDRS to your own functions implemented using the built-in scripting language
  • Web console for easy management of processes and strategies from the business administration level
  • Web console for monitoring and diagnostics of performed processes.

03. Credit Delivery

Credit Delivery System automates the processing of loan applications based on defined decision rules. Its use minimizes the scale of loans, and at the same time makes the application process is repeatable, effective and efficient.

04. Rating Tool

The system allows to create rating models, run rating processes and store and retrieve the results calculated from the defined models. It is a comprehensive and productive solution that enables to comply with the requirements set by the New Capital Accord (NCA). Rating Tool can contribute to the improvement of corporate risk estiamation methods and, as a result, of financial outcome.

05. iChange

iChange system enables to organize and systematize the design processes in large organizations. It is ideal for institutions where several projects are conducted simultaneously, and where coordination is an important factor to the success of the project. Due to its flexibility, it can fully compete with the products of global technology companies available on Polish market, while offering much lower licensing and operating costs.

06. SZReK

The SZReK system enables automation of processing requests, complaints, and comments in the company or another organization. It is an exceptionally flexible solution which enables deploying an efficient and effective system to improve relationships with customers through faster and more thorough consideration of their comments.

07. BCM

The BCM system helps to keep the current plans for business continuity. It is of particular use in large companies executing complex processes involving many units. The BCM allows you to easily determine the impact of unavailability of particular elements on the opportunity to provide business continuity. The plans generated by the system are stored in a central repository. Access to data and documents is limited by the powers arising from the roles played in the individual organizational units.

08. PAS

PAS is the system supporting pro-sales activities, dedicated in particular to the financial companies. On the basis of the actual sales data from transactional systems, it automates the reconcilation process and calculation of scores for the registered sale. The flexible system for scoring and planning allows managers to promote certain products and the reports available to workers on a regular basis allow everyone to track the results of their own, team and individual. Moreover, automatic processing algorithms provide the rejection of the registered sales of products which do not earn revenues.

09. SMZ

SMZ is the application designed to automate the process of monitoring and parameterization of accounts and security. The main sources of data are transactional systems that provide the application with customer information regarding accounts, security, and their mutual connections. Downloaded information is then made available to users for review, under granted privileges. The imported data can slso be supplemented with additional information stored locally in the SMZ. Based on the data, imported and entered by the user, the system starts to assigns information, in accordance to already defined entrance rules, to accounts and security strategies. The strategies are implemented by dedicated workflow processes that utomate operational procedures. A separate group of functionality includes the reports automatically generated by the system (on a cyclical basis) or by the users (ad-hoc).


Mailbox Service System is used to operate electronic contact between Clients and the Financial Institution through one mailbox, to which customer inquiries are directed. The system supports viewing, analyzing and responding to Clients messages.

11. PDK

Customer Service Portal environment is used for embedding and integration of Web applications. Individual applications can be implemented independently (even by different suppliers) and it is only in the last phase when they are integrated and activated in a homogeneous environment. Providers who develop applications intended to be embedded in the portal can benefit from a rich set of libraries, including within its scope both elements related to the automation of processing and presentation of data. The portal is virtually transparent for the embedded applications and interferes as little as possible with their operation, limiting itself to the authentication, authorization, and exchange of information between various components. The embedded applications can, depending on your needs, use any library delivered together with the portal.

12. BPro

BPro is a universal processing mechanism, which combines the features of a workflow engine, decision engine and ETL tools. With powerful integration mechanisms, processes based on BPro workflow engine may combine information from many different sources and use it to the control of the executed processing. If there is a need for the user to take action or make decision, the system generates a task whose outcome affects the further course of the process. The system is particularly applicable in the processing of financial information generated by many applications found in financial institutions.

13. Tibco

  • integrated environment designed to automate business processes
  • solutions based on a stable platform for modeling and implementation of processes, including rules
  • the provision of services
  • opportunity for managers to identify business issues
  • collection and storage of electronic data
  • communication barriers removal
  • help in creating a customer-directed process
  • increase of the flexibility of the current infrastructure and data

14. Ab Initio

  • efficient environment of data processing
  • makes full use of available hardware resources
  • processes in real time
  • contains an extensive library of components enabling the exchange of data with multiple external systems
  • provides an intuitive and efficient tool for building applications and processes
  • automates the data processing
  • allows the creation and configuration of business rules by managers and business analysts
  • investigates and monitors the quality of the data from the source systems at the enterprise level
  • has a high performance and scalable query engine that enables data federation
  • supports the processes of Data Governance


  • Hardware: IBM / HP / Oracle / Cisco / Dell EMC /Huawei
  • Virtualization: VMware / Citrix / Microsoft / Red Hat / KVM
  • Operating system: AIX / Linux (x86, Power) / IBM i / Solaris / HP-UX / Microsoft Windows Server
  • Database software: IBM DB2 UDB / Oracle Database (w tym RAC i Exadata) / MS SQL Server / IBM Informix Dynamic Server / Teradata / Pivotal Greenplum Database / MaxDB/SAP DB / MySQL / NoSQL i Graph: Neo4j, OrientDB, MongoDB
  • Application server: IBM WebSphere / Jboss AS / Apache Tomcat / GlassFish / WebLogic / Tuxedo
  • Analytical tools and software technologies: Microsoft Reporting Services / Microsoft Analysis Services / SAP BusinessObjects / IBM Cognos Business Intelligence / SharePoint / Performance Point / Tibco ActiveMatrix Business Works / TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM / Ab Initio

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