Webinar on Red Hat products from the Premier Partner perspective

June 9, 2021

What will you learn from our webinar?

  • How to use Red Hat tools to build cloud services?
  • How to build applications and systems using the Red Hat platform?
  • What support and collaboration model can you expect from a Red Hat partner?

What does the webinar agenda include?

  1. Our path to Premier Partner status. Why did Talex decide to cooperate with Red Hat?
  2. What benefits does the Red Hat Cloud Access Program provide to participants?
  3. Cloud Infrastructure - overview of technologies, their role and benefits for companies.
  4. Technical workshops for customers - what is the idea of Partner Led Workshop?
  5. Why is it worth using Red Hat OpenShift? A special offer for those who are still hesitating.
  6. Q&A. Summary of the meeting.

Who are the speakers?

Krzysztof Sawicz

Experienced KAM at Talex SA, who has implemented many complex infrastructure and integration projects. He supports clients at the stage of defining their needs and during project implementation.

Jacek Mayer

Director of Innovation and Development Department in Talex SA. An experienced Project Manager in the development of IT systems based on innovative IT solutions with a strong emphasis on automation and software defined solutions. He gained extensive experience in designing and creating Cloud Infrastructure and IT solutions built in accordance with the DevSecOps methodology. He is a promoter of modern and open (Open Source) solutions among his colleagues and clients.


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