SIEVERT implements BI tools that support digital transformation

April 13, 2021


SIVERT POLSKA has been active on the Polish market for almost 25 years. The company is known for the production of high quality building materials including, in particular, thermal insulation systems, clinker mortars, dry building mortars and many others. It has many brands used in the protection of historic buildings - which in itself confirms the high quality of the offered products.

In October 2020 SIVERT POLSKA presented to TALEX its need to improve sales analytics. The company expressed its interest in using the possibilities offered by Business Intelligence tools and cloud solutions.

The implementation was to enable analyzing and filtering data in many dimensions - from material, product, through sales areas, as to the final customer.

Extremely important functionalities were:

  • the possibility of making selected information available to interested and authorized persons - especially through mobile devices;
  • compilation of historical data from similar periods while ensuring high performance of the entire system;
  • the possibility of independent modification of analyses by authorized persons;
  • high intuitiveness of the solution;
  • secure access to the system by individual vendors from any place of work.



Effective cooperation between Sievert Polska Sp. z o.o. and Talex S.A. resulted in the creation of a data model and analysis templates for the area named “Sales.” This model meets the expectations of SIEVERT POLAND and enables the use of artificial intelligence algorithms supporting sales analyses.

Parallel to the analytical and design work, a Microsoft cloud space dedicated to SIEVERT POLAND was created. The solution was scaled up in such a way as to:

  • minimize the costs needed to launch the solution;
  • ensure convenient scalability now and in the future.

The final part of the process is represented by ready analyses and data models that effectively support everyday decisions.

Secure mobile access to data improves sales performance and efficiency.



As a result of the implementation of the Business Intelligence solution, SIEVERT POLSKA receives:

  • access to in-depth analyses of the area “Sales” in a modern form;
  • an intuitive tool that employees are happy to use;
  • data supporting sales decisions provided in real time;
  • the possibility to generate analyses using artificial intelligence algorithms - indicating trends and development directions of the product;
  • analytical juxtapositions with historical data, which effectively helps to define and measure sales targets.

Congratulations to SIEVERT POLAND on taking a step in the digital transformation process. We are happy to participate in this project.

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