CSIRT Talex is a commercial Computer Security Incident Response Team under the auspices of Talex S.A. The mission of the CSIRT Talex team is to provide cost-friendly cybersecurity services and to prevent and respond to IT security incidents affecting the Company or its clients.

While officially established in 2017, the CSIRT Talex team comprises personnel with several decades of IT experience. Our team members, who include engineers of various IT specialties, are passionates who, having spent years providing professional design, administration, or development services, devoted themselves to cybersecurity. Our every day work comprises includes detecting security threats which may affect the IT environments managed by our Company, analysing, handling, and preventing cybersecurity incidents. We provide consulting and engage in preventive activities aimed at improving the defence against attacks, both in the context of technology and IT work organization. We help recovering from attacks and provide solutions to minimize their effects using the resources of our EN 50600-certified Datacenter. 

The quality of our Company's services is guaranteed and certified by the ISO 27001 norm.


Incident notifications should be sent via e-mail to the address csirt@talex.pl. In order to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted information, we strongly encourage you to send messages encrypted using the PGP key available below.

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Key ID: FAF424DE
Fingerprint: C5C4 7CEB E88A 2093 6AE2 7F40 B102 E32F FAF4 24DE